Beautiful One - a Human Trafficking Outreach in NYC


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Make a Difference

Reaching Women in the Sex Industry


New York City is home to hundreds of Asian massage parlors, as well as numerous strip clubs in which women are sexually exploited on a daily basis. Immigrants, single mothers, and victims of sexual abuse work long hours in places like these, feeling as if they have few other options of earning a living. Beautiful One is a ministry of Street LIFE Ministries, which exists to befriend women in the massage parlors and strip clubs and treat them with the actual value and worth bestowed on them by the One who created them in His image from the very beginning. (Read below for more on the history of Beautiful One.) 

What We Do


  • We bring gift bags filled with goodies women enjoy and a friendly note or encouraging verse of Scripture, and simply spend time making friends with them.  Love, acceptance, and a caring community are some of the most basic, core needs of every human being. 

  • Inside the clubs and massage parlors, we are often asked, “Why are you doing this?” Because we love you and Jesus loves you, unconditionally. We believe that as we simply love others because He first loved us, God has great things in store for our teams and those we reach out to.

  • Our desire is not only to provide friendship, but also connect those who are interested with resources that can empower them to live a life free of sexual exploitation and abuse. Additionally, we seek to raise public awareness and train others to effectively care for those in the industry. 

Ways to Make a Difference


  • Commit to praying for the women in the massage parlors and strip clubs, as well as our Beautiful One outreach teams.  Contact us for more information about the Beautiful One prayer team.
  • It takes finances to make this happen! If you are interested in donating, Donate through PayPal, and be sure to type “Beautiful One Outreach” in the memo or let us know through email.
  • Gifts for the women can be purchased through our special Dollar Days Wishlist.
  • Join the outreach team!  Outreach volunteers will be required to go through a training process. Please note that going through the training does not necessarily guarantee a spot on the outreach team.
  • Contact us below if you have a special service you would like to provide for the women, such as professional counseling, financial planning, immigration services, etc.

History of Beautiful One

  • Prior to founding Beautiful One, Street LIFE Ministries ministered for years to women who work in the red-light district of one of Brazil’s biggest cities through banquets, birthday parties, and more.  We longed to carry this work back to NYC. So we started by praying for victims of human trafficking and women in both the adult industry and prostitution as part of the Queens House of Prayer, Flushing. As we sought God, a vision was born in our hearts to go beyond prayer and bring His love into the local strip clubs and massage parlors. 

  • Let’s be real: In some of these places, it goes beyond just massage or stripping. In May 2013, the vision became a reality and we fell in love! A few of us brought roses to women through our massage parlor outreach, even though we could not communicate with them in their language. Their responses were beautiful; we found that the women were hungry for love and friendship. We continued to go, and God eventually provided a translator who speaks the exact dialect of Chinese that most of the ladies do! 

  • Since then, we have expanded the massage parlor outreach and strip clubs and trained a number of volunteers to do outreach with us. Presently, we are not doing outreach in the Strip Clubs but focusing on the massage parlor outreach.  We believe that God will continue to expand this human trafficking outreach into all that He desires it to be! 

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