Prayer Station

Evangelism on the Streets


With a team positioned in a high-traffic area, we simply make ourselves available to share the Gospel, have meaningful discussion, and to pray with people for anything they have need of.  After prayer they often share more in depth about what they’re going through and we’re able to dialogue further about important issues of life and faith. Many people think they could never pray with strangers but soon find that people are people and all have needs. What an opportunity we have to talk to God on behalf of another person. God longs to intervene.  

If you are interested in volunteering, contact us here>> 


 Whether it’s helping someone find directions, provide a listening ear, or believing God for good things in someone’s life, we value each person and the opportunity to serve in any way. Time and time again we have seen people come back to the Prayer Station and testify of family restoration, favor finding a job, healing, and commitment to Jesus. Bibles, books, and other literature in various languages are free for those interested.    


“A man came to the prayer station in Jamaica, Queens and said he wanted prayer. This man was addicted to drugs and used to walk with God. I was able to call a team member that had been delivered from drugs and had him share his testimony. The man cried and was so touched that he wanted to go to detox. We prayed for this man believing that God will move in his life and be stirred for a changed life.”– Ilonka E., 35 years old