Intern in NYC Ministry

Consider the Missionary Call


Are you looking to get into missions but unsure? We offer the perfect opportunity with our short and long term urban missions ministry internship in New York City. If your heart beats for Jesus and HIS passions, then SLM may be the place for you. Street LIFE is seeking God for individuals, couples, and families whose passion is simply JESUS and all HE is about! His heart beats for His Bride & family and for those outside the family, the lost, poor, rejected, oppressed and for “the least of these.” We simply GO as a search and rescue team to make God known in a real and authentic way.  

Christian Internship in NYC


 God is continually growing and developing our team as “followers of Jesus”, deepening relationship first and foremost with HIM, and also with others. Living in community will challenge you to a deeper walk with Christ as you “live out” what you believe within the SLM team and before the people we serve on the streets. It takes a willing and obedient heart to see the breath of God blow upon our lives and transform us into HIS image.  And biblical training and instruction helps with this process of maturing. 

Whether you just want to “test the waters” and come for a short period of time as interns in urban ministry (3-12 months) to strengthen your walk with Christ and set a lasting foundation for your life, or you are hearing the “call of God” to lay it all down and come to New York City for an extended length of time, we would like to hear from you about serving with us.

That’s how it started for each of us here. All have stepped out in faith.  Each of us raise personal finances and have been met with obstacles that immediately oppose the call of God to come!  So, it's not an easy road but we count it a privilege to serve Jesus and extend HIS KINGDOM here in New York City and the world! He is transforming what the culture calls “weak” individuals and making us a “strong and resolute” team of Kingdom servants! Would you answer the call to spend your life so that others can come to know Him? Join our team and intern in NYC ministry with Street LIFE Ministries. 

Use Your Skills


  1. Worshipers/Intercessors
  2. Musicians/Singers/Song Writers
  3. Servants who desire to minister to the poor, homeless, destitute, as well as the many people who just hang out on the streets.
  4. Church planting team, disciples/Evangelistically motivated.
  5. Accountant/Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
  6. Grant Writer, Community Developer
  7. Social Worker/Counselor
  8. Dramatists/Artists
  9. Child Evangelism, Sports Teacher
  10. Computer Tech/Web Site Design/Sound Engineer
  11. Marketing/Promoters
  12. Video Photographer & Editor
  13. Pastors/Evangelists/Teachers/Prophetic/Apostolic (Leaders)
  14. Those with a heart for global short term missions trips.

Please note: if accepted in the Christian internship in NYC here at SLM or staff member (long term), you will also serve in various other capacities as the need requires.  We all wear different "hats".

Read some testimonies below  from those who have come!

Contact us here to email us or call 718-539-2324.  

Challenged and Changed


Jonalyn Palmer

I came to Street Life Ministries at the beginning of my walk with the Lord. I knew I needed some place that not only would hold me accountable but a place where grace, mercy, love and understanding existed.

  • During my time at Street Life I learned about God's unconditional love, the importance of prayer (a fellow street lifer had a deep discussion with me about prayer because I did not know how to pray). I also learned the importance of time and how we manage it. One of the many things that I still abide by today is being 10 minutes early to everything. :) David and Robin have created a place that allows you to be discipled, a place where you can grow. Street Life has emphasized being the hands and feet for the Lord and going out onto the streets to love and minister to the lost and broken hearted. David and Robin always treated me as one of their own, I was home away from home. I'm thankful for finding Street Life and my time spent here.

I learned a lot of things at Street Life,  not just in the spiritual aspect, but even how to be a wife, how to cook and do hands on do it yourself projects...improvising and finding different solutions to solving problems, whether they are big or small. I appreciate everything you and David did for me while I was there - even the tough love moments...and I'm sure there were a lot of those! Haha.  


Weslea Anna Wells

 “To write a 3-4 sentence testimony of my time as a full-time staff member at SLM is nearly impossible. I served in NYC from September of 2005 until January of 2012. What I thought I went to do was not what God had in mind and I am SO thankful for this. I am still in full-time missions today and traveling to many different nations preaching and teaching, but I would never have been prepared if it hadn’t been for my time in NYC. I learned what it truly means to walk in humility and servanthood, to love those around you with an enduring love, and to work hard for the advancement of the Kingdom. I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for all that I went through there. David and Robin continue to be spiritual parents and co-laborers and DEAR FRIENDS in the Lord and I would encourage anyone to go serve alongside them in the city. If you allow it, it will change your life in the most positive way you could imagine. You’ll look more like Jesus.” -Weslea Wells   


Ana Gabriella Silva Bauer

Hi! My name is Gaby and I am from Brazil. God called me to spend five months with SLM in 2015, and it was a time when I was confronted with the reality of the world as it is today. During this time, my heart started to radically understand what it really means to have compassion and love for the lost, and how there is no way that I could remain indifferent concerning this. While I was on the streets and in the public squares, serving and relating to the poor, homeless, and unforgotten people of the world, God showed me His heart and love, and how much His heart burns and longs for the people of NYC - and all the world - to receive and know Him. In the simple ways of serving and loving these people, God showed me how to be truly loving and compassionate. He also showed that there is no situation that is too difficult, or a heart that is too closed that God can not radically change the reality and destiny of one.. There is no doubt that this time with SLM changed my life forever. To have the opportunity to live in community as a family, to learn about submission to leadership, generosity, and even overcome challenges and barriers of language and culture. Something even more precious was the importance of investing time knowing and meditating on the word of God, having a devotional time, times of intercession, and growing with one another. This whole time made me reevaluate my life, and recognize that whether I live or die, it would be for a cause. This cause - this purpose for which I live - needs to be to know God, become like Him in the image of Christ and the expression of His love, so that I can make Him known to the world. 


Robert Dostie

"Throughout my five years on staff with Street LIFE Ministries, I experienced the most fulfilling venture I have ever taken part in.  There is an immense amount that the Lord birthed and changed in my heart and life that I could testify about, but the biggest was seeing people through the eyes of God and loving them for who they are, especially the homeless and broken.  On the more practical side, my time with SLM taught me a new level of responsibility I did not have going in, and one that I retain years later."   
~ Bobby 


Sarah Stephens

Street Life Ministries will always be a second home to me. I arrived on staff as a tiny 18 year old fresh out of highschool, ready to change the world through the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To this day, I am a more mission minded & servant hearted person because of being a summer intern with SLM. Serving the homeless around New York, working with at risk children in the Bronx & praying with others on the streets of New York will forever be some of the best times of my life. Thank you SLM!